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Something Tells Me…

Does your mind ever start looking for an answer to something without even knowing the question? Mine does, every so often. Sometimes it comes from within: “Pssst. This is interesting and important,” my mind says. “Go check it out.” “But why? This doesn’t even have anything to do with what I’m working on,” I respond. “I don’t know anything about that topic/idea/industry.” “Just check it out. Trust me.” Other times, it comes from the outside world. Articles that I’m reading and podcasts I’m listening to and stories I’ve heard recently spontaneously present themselves and overlap with one another, sparking new ideas and taking on a life of their own. The past few months has been one of those periods. That little voice inside has been whispering, “You can do more. You can do better. Go find out how.” And without actively looking, bits of inspiration and insight and partial solutions have presented themselves in the ...(Read More)

Closing the Gap

As many of you know, I have been training for my first full Columbus Marathon in October. The race will be a special one, not only because it’s my first 26.2 but because I’m doing it to help raise money and awareness for my good friend, Lindsay Giannobile. [To see her full story, visit] Running was never my thing growing up.  I played volleyball in high school, a sport comprised mostly of compact, precise, explosive movements with periods of rest in between. Eventually running a marathon was an item on my long-term bucket list, but it always seemed fairly unattainable – not because it had never been attempted before, but because my idea of a “long run” was anything over two miles. Put another way: the gap that stood between me and reaching a life goal was too large. I didn’t want to train. I just wanted to wake ...(Read More)

F*@% Busy

This post has been a long time coming. The past few months I’ve had my head down, executing and learning a lot. To be honest, it’s the busiest I’ve ever been in my life. This is a stark contrast to where I was 13 months ago. When BULX (my previous employer) was sold to a company in New York, I had to scramble to find enough steady work to hold me over. Today, I’m turning projects down. When friends and acquaintances ask me how I’ve been lately, “Busy, but good,” has been my go-to response. And while busy is better than slow (I am extremely grateful for the work I am doing), I cant help but wonder how much more effective I could be if weren’t completely maxed out. Quality Over Quantity I believe in the concept that quantity breeds quality. Do anything enough and you are bound to turn ...(Read More)

Why New Beginnings on New Year’s Day?

“You may have a fresh start any moment you choose…” -Mary Pickford If this is the case, why does the beginning of January create such a surge of new resolutions, goals, and commitments? Why not July 16th or November 3rd or February 22nd? We have the opportunity and the choice to start new ventures, make new decisions, and form new habits at any given time throughout the year. Yet most of us wait until until 12:01AM to “get healthy” or “make a million dollars.” I have two theories on this: The first is that the start of a new year allows us to quantify our results and place our successes and failures from the previous twelve months into a neat little box. It gives us a clean break from our efforts and helps us wrap our heads around what we accomplished within a given time frame. The second is that ...(Read More)