F*@% Busy

This post has been a long time coming. The past few months I’ve had my head down, executing and learning a lot. To be honest, it’s the busiest I’ve ever been in my life. This is a stark contrast to where I was 13 months ago. When BULX (my previous employer) was sold to a company in New York, I had to scramble to find enough steady work to hold me over. Today, I’m turning projects down. When friends and acquaintances ask me how I’ve been lately, “Busy, but good,” has been my go-to response. And while busy is better than slow (I am extremely grateful for the work I am doing), I cant help but wonder how much more effective I could be if weren’t completely maxed out. Quality Over Quantity I believe in the concept that quantity breeds quality. Do anything enough and you are bound to turn ...(Read More)

Startup Resources in Columbus

The startup community is not only alive and well in Columbus, Ohio – it’s flourishing. When I joined the BULX team in July 2010, I was completely new to the tech startup world. I had always considered myself an entrepreneur and had founded a handful of my own companies. But it wasn’t until my involvement with BULX, TechColumbus, and social media that I became conscious of the incredible network of people and programs available here in Central Ohio. As we work to grow and evolve ChatterJet, the network of talent people and the number of resources we have at our disposal are astonishing. Accelerators 1492 (http://onefourninetwo.com/) – A partnership between Columbus State Community College, CCAD, and TechColumbus, this Ohio Third Frontier-supported program provides early stage startups up to $20,000 in funding along with access to mentors, resources, and weekly business development sessions during an intensive 11-week program. 10x Program (http://10xelerator.com/) – A mentor-driven accelerator ...(Read More)

Good is Great (When Learning Is the Goal)

We all want to do great work. Inspiring, life-altering work. But the way we frame “great work” is different to each of us. My newest venture, ChatterJet, is a shift in the way I have approached business in the past. By utilizing a new framework, we are applying many of the concepts from Eric Ries’s The Lean Startup. Perhaps most exciting is our willingness to ship early, continuously deploy new features, constantly collect feedback, and evolve our product based on the hard data and soft feedback from our users. To me, this is shaky ground. I’m a reformed perfectionist. In the past, I only bet on sure things – things that I could extensively research and plan, labor over, refine, revise, perfect, and absolutely love. The problem is that every goal is a moving target. The time it takes to build out a full-featured version of any product often means that ...(Read More)